Sunday, 10 June 2012

Estée Lauder Double Wear saves the day!

Estée Lauder double wear is my staple item. Every day (that is when I'm going somewhere, wouldn't want to waste the precious liquid), it glides across my face with ease, making my skin silky smooth and creating a perfect base for the rest of my makeup.

I actually feel as though I could not live without this product (dramatic I know, but non the less true). I covet this foundation so much, as I feel my makeup wouldn't look as good without it anymore. I definitely couldn't go back to using a different foundation now.

The colour I use is number 16, Ecru which may be too pale for all those super tanned Sally's out there in which case I'm extremely jealous, but it really does suit my skin tone well.

The packaging is gorgeous as you can see in the photo, it comes in a gorgeous glass bottle with a sheeny shiny gold lid looking expensive making it a lovely addition to anyones makeup bag.

Although this product may not work for everyone I would definitely recommend it, it's really worth a try. And for those of you not wanting to spend 26 quid just trying something, and quite rightly so, nip down to an Estée Lauder counter and ask to be matched up to a shade, and then for a free 10 day sample and see what you make of it! The gorgeous silky liquid texture leaves my skin feeling smooth and looking practically flawless even before applying concealer.

I know i'll be using this for years to come and it really would take something special to make me change foundations again. Hope you all try this :).

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